The Lawyer and the Musky

Have you heard the one about the lawyer and the musky?

Dear Clients and Friends,
I hope you had a good summer. As you can see, I was able to sneak away for a little fishing excursion. My reward was this musky caught in the Northwoods. Not bad for a lawyer!

The-Lawyer-and-the-MuskyBelieve it or not, being a good fisherman/woman and a good lawyer go hand-in-hand (or fin-in-fin). Consider these similarities:

1.    Preparation – Knowing the behavior of the fish, the waters where they’re found and the best lures/bait to use are a vital part of preparation. In law, we also prepare thoroughly by gathering facts, taking depositions, researching case law, submitting documents, etc.

2.    Patience – In fishing as in law, patience is a virtue. Being too anxious or too greedy can lead nowhere fast. Taking a calm, methodical approach can pay big dividends.

3.    Alertness – In fishing, you have to be alert to changes in the tension of the pole and disturbances on the surface of the water, ready to set the hook when the fish strikes. A good lawyer is alert to every challenge and objection, every change in the mood and momentum of the case, and always quick to respond.

4.    Fighting Spirit – Once you hook the fish, you have to be prepared to fight hard and tactfully to land it. In law, we need to be determined, tactful and capable of putting up a good fight for our clients.

5.    Persistence – Getting the fish in the boat is a challenge to the end. Persistence pays off in law as well. Never letting up and staying focused are critical to our success.

The Law Offices of Resnick & Resnick have been providing professional legal representation since 1950. Our areas of expertise include Family Law, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Probate and Estate Planning. I am often called upon to provide family mediation services. I am a member of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, the Divorce Cooperation Institute, and I’m on the Milwaukee County Family Court Mediation Services panel. I am regularly appointed by Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judges to represent the interests of children in custody disputes.

Inch for inch, pound for pound, Resnick & Resnick, S.C. provides excellent legal services for each and every one of our clients.
If you or someone you know needs legal advice, please call me at (414) 600-1177 or email me at I look forward to serving you!

Pamela R. Resnick
P.S.    Good fishing!